All-Ukrainian Association of Parents of Children with Cerebral Palsy and Other Organic Disorders of Nervous System

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Объединение родителей детей с диагнозом ДЦП, проживающих в Украине.

  • Raised: 15000 ₴
  • Goal: 300000 ₴
  • Donates: 3

The Project Goal:

Integration of parents of children with Cerebral Palsy and other organic disorders of the nervous system, who live in Ukraine; representation of their interests; mutual support, mutual development, and useful communication; joint efforts on a search of information and funds to support those who need it.

Successfully Implemented Stages of the Project:

- Workout of strategy and methodology of creating and development of All-Ukrainian Association
- Renovation of DCP Help website
- Start of partnership with Charity Foundation “Happiness is always around”
- Start of partnership with the State Institution “Ukrainian medical rehabilitation center for children with organic disorders of the nervous system of the Ministry of Health”
- Agreement with experts and opinion leaders concerning interviews, master-classes, and webinars

Project Needs:

-    Acquiring, tuning and hosting of CRM system
-    Bookkeeping services
-    Legal services
-    Financial support of Association
-    Assistance in the organization of inclusive events
-    Production of print and souvenirs materials
-    Production of outdoor advertising
-    Video commercial production
-    Systematic digital marketing and advertising
-    Promotion in Media
-    Experts for the regular interview, master-classes, and webinars for parents
-    Establishing the constructive with profile state institutions and organizations
-    Interesting and useful content for a website and social networks