Rehabilitation Center for Children with Organic Disorders of Nervous system “Future Together!” (at Vasylkiv Regional Hospital, Kyiv Oblast)

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Free of charge rehabilitation in Vasylkiv, Kyiv Region

  • Raised: 20000 ₴
  • Goal: 100000 ₴
  • Donates: 3


The Project Goal:

Creating of a full-fledged specialized institution to provide free access to information and services on comprehensive diagnostic, therapeutic, rehabilitative, preventive and developmental services for children with a variety of diagnoses associated with lesions of the nervous system, as well as their parents.

Successfully Implemented Stages of Project:

-    Organization Development of the Center
-    Workout of the Center’s name and logo
-    Founding the parents' committee
-    Granting polyfunctional verticalizer
-    Granting color TV-sets for every chamber
-    Creating and promoting the Center’s page on Facebook
-    Organization of inclusive events

Project Needs:

-    Redevelopment of part of premises in order to build three additional treatment rooms
-    Forming of a park of modern rehabilitation equipment
-    Conducting developmental-entertaining programs and inclusive events for the Center’s clients
-    Acquiring special transport for the service of children with special needs