New Horizons of Ukrainian-Chinese Cooperation

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At the end of May 2019, Ukrainian Non-Governmental Organization DCP Help and Beijing International Clinic PUHUA signed an agreement on international cooperation.

From now the unique PUHUA treatment became much closer to Ukrainian patients. The clinic is specialized in oncology, neurology, neurosurgery, orthopedics, rehabilitation, and traditional Chinese medicine. In particular, the clinic provides high-technology services to the patients with organic disorders of the neuro system (including Cerebral Palsy). PUHUA Cerebral Palsy Treatment Center applies the unique complex method, including stem cell transplantation, neuro-surgeries, and following rehabilitation.

By great success, PUHUA is obliged to its high-professional team, up-to-date medical equipment, hospitable environment, and high-quality personalized service.

During the last decades, the high-quality services of PUHUA clinic attracted thousands of patients from more than 100 countries. Professional treatment was provided to many celebrities, including Royal Family members, politics, Hollywood stars.

In the post-soviet area, PUHUA clinic has also made success and popularity due to positive feedback from many patients. DCP Help takes on the function of the Ukrainian representative office of the clinic and ready to consult future patients and also organize their visits to Beijing. “I am happy that now much more Ukrainians will be able to live full-value and happy lives, changing them due to our friends from China. There is a spirit of sincere and professional support reigning in PHUA Clinic which is curing not worse than medicine. I invite everybody to use this new unique opportunity and visit Beijing International Clinic PUHUA!”—underlined the founder and director of DCP Help— “The doors of DCP Help as always are widely open for everybody who needs professional support in hard life conditions, related to Cerebral Palsy and other organic disorders of neuro-system”.