DCP Help and Happiness is Always Around Started the Strategic Partnership

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May 14, 2020. DCP Help enters a new level! Together with our new partner Charity Foundation Happiness is Always Around we have decided to create the first in Ukraine association of parents of children with Cerebral Palsy diagnosis. The need for that step has matured long ago, because until that time nobody has taken care of this social group’s interests’ systematic representation. According to the last statistics there are more than 30.000 children with Cerebral Palsy diagnosis in Ukraine, and all of them need care and support.

Ruslan Vasyutin, the Founder and President of DCP Help: “I sincerely grateful to Happiness is Always Around and personally to its Founder Irina Astakhova for the support of very important project, which will soon elevate the system of children with Cerebral Palsy maintenance and support in Ukraine to a new level”.

We account on support of all caring citizens of our country, foreign partners, but, first of all, on the parents of children with Cerebral Palsy themselves. Exactly your activeness, persistency and involvement will drastically influence the efficiency of association’s activity as well as the scope of support you will receive. And there will be several formats of support in the range from informational and methodical to the address financial one.

Irina Astakhova, the Founder and President of Charity Foundation Happiness is Always Around: “We have gladly responded to Ruslan Vasyutin’s request on cooperation and support of with no exaggeration the nationally important project. We share the care about children with Cerebral Palsy and aim to actively participate in their support, because it coincides with the values of our Foundation!”

We believe that our initiative will outgrow to the efficient, large-scale project and will bring many real, tangible and resultative use! Thank you for your generosity, goodness and trust!